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En el caso de reemplazos, SanDisk puede sustituir el Producto con uno que ya haya sido usado, reparado y probado para cumplir con las especificaciones de SanDisk.


SanDisk kan inte hållas ansvarigt om någon Produkt fileörsvinner eller skadas beneath transport. SanDisk kan besluta om att antingen: (one) reparera eller (two) ersätta Produkten med en ny, reparerad eller renoverad produkt av samma eller högre kapacitet, eller annan motsvarande produkt.

The Houdini test is particularly designed To judge storage performance mainly because it pertains to CGI rendering. The check mattress for this application is usually a variant with the Main Dell PowerEdge R740xd server sort we use in the lab with twin Intel 6130 CPUs and 64GB DRAM.

Гарантия СанДиск производителя потребительских товаров

Ця гарантія надається лише Вам та не підлягає передачі.

Just review any of his other reviews — and afterwards examine the level of promoting he has on each of All those, Specifically the committed Mac sites — where he lets those people hold product and takes out yearly contracts. That eliminates The many integrity that you are attempting to ascertain.

The Z-Travel 4500 replaces the equally fast Z-Push R4 but comes in a more robust design with a lot less exposed circuitry. It is actually largely aimed at business consumers, but utilizes shopper-grade MLC flash in place of SLC to help keep the costs (comparatively) minimal.

Lesser and bigger Measurements One of the ambitions from the M.two generate design was to lower the general size on the storage gadget. This is certainly attained in a single of many various ways. Very first, they did make the cards narrower than the preceding mSATA form factor.

All SSD success now are mainly exaggerated, since the measurements are completed using assisted, as opposed to directly oriented check methods.

Allyn's expert target latency needs to be appreciated alongside one another with the raw bandwidth that results in being readily available by using x16 PCIe slots, as opposed to connecting downstream of Intel's DMI three.

V Případě výměny here je SanDisk oprávněn vyměnit Výrobek za jiným dříve použitý, opravený a testovaný tak, aby vyhověl specifikacím SanDisk.

In the situation of replacements, SanDisk might replace the Product or service with one particular that was Earlier used, fixed, and tested to meet SanDisk technical specs.

İlk önce İade Ürün Onayınumarası alıp ve listede yer alan diğer kılavuzutakip edip sonrasındaÜrün’ü iade edebilirsiniz. Daha ayrıntılı bilgi için lütfen adresini ziyaret edin ve "aid" (destek) başlığını seçin. Bu garanti, Ürün’ün iade edilmesi şartworkına bağlıdır. SanDisk, sevkiyat sırasında kaybolan ya da hasar gören ürünlerden sorumlu tutulamaz.

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